Friday, February 26, 2010

All alone with Nate

Recent events have been testing my skills as a parent. My wife went back to work recently and as part of that she was away from Nate and I for a while. I've taken some time off from my job to take care of Nate until we get a few details under control. So as part of the transition it was just Nate and I for almost 48 hours. My wife had never spent a night away from Nate since he was born and this week she spent two away and me with no backup. I'll give my wife (and mothers everywhere) a lot of credit. Between some of my other tasks and taking care of Nate I worked harder than I have in quite a while. It can be exhausting and I couldn't wait for nap times as I needed them as well.

So the next couple weeks should be interesting as I'll continue to be Nate's primary caregiver. I don't expect to be a long-term stay-at-home dad, but this initial experience has been interesting. I will say that in those two days time I was able to get much better anticipating what will be next. You start to see patterns in behavior.

I should be a little more regular posting going forward. More on the changes in our household coming soon.