Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Circumcision - would I change my mind if I had the chance

At this point there is no changing my mind, really don't have much choice as what is done is done. I actually debated long and hard. I read articles on both sides. Both sides have some compelling arguments. I actually like the two shows Dad Labs did earlier this year. Their timing was actually pretty good.

Here is the Dad Labs Debate Video for. The guys from Dad Labs and the author of Baby411 (which we have and use for reference often) talk about their thoughts.

Here is the Dad Labs Debate Video against. They talk with an intactivist.

There are some good hygiene reasons for circumcision. Then there are some pros related to sexually transmitted diseases & infection. On the other side there is the why fix it if its not broke and why take away what was given to us. Plus there is the question of pain to infants.

In the end for better or worse one of the stronger arguments for me was not wanting to answer why do I look like this and you look like this?

So did I cause undue pain to Nate? I don't think so, a couple minutes after the procedure he didn't seem any worse for wear. If I was there at the moment of the procedure I might have a different view.

One thing just to think about...Were the Jews on to something a long time ago or not? And is that still valid today?

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  1. Call me a traditionalist.. But I'm pro.

    I saw him a few minutes later, he was fine.My son doesn't remember it happening.

    It could be a different argument, but is piercing ears any different?