Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trim those nails

Nate really does not like to have his fingernails trimmed. He fights and squirms when you try and hold him still to cut them and we are both worried about getting more than just the nail when cutting. I've tried using a nail file instead of fingernail trimmers and that may be worse. At least with the clippers the actual cut is quick.

We had been putting off cutting his fingernails, but over the last couple days Nate has had his hands around his face a lot and he has managed to scratch himself a couple times.

We found that a two person operation works best for getting his fingernails trimmed. One person has to distract him enough that you can grab his hand and position the clipper without him squirming (which is not easy). Then if you can make the cuts quick enough he doesn't seem to fight much. Like many things it seems to be more the shock of the event (the cut in this place) vs. it actually hurting.

Even though I worry about it, we've yet to draw any blood cutting his fingernails, but he has drawn a drop or two scratching himself so the benefits of going through the nail trimming process far outweighs letting Nate wound himself. I guess our other option would be to strap his arms to his side, like a baby straightjacket. That just sounds like a bad idea.


  1. Try it when he's asleep. We found it best to go after the freddy claws when they're drunk off the bottle..

    That and strap their arms to a tree stump like they used to do to thieves in a middle eastern market bazaar.

  2. I agree with Eric, attack them when they're milk drunk. Those little buggers are hard to clip but they should be easier while they are sleeping!