Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nate rolls over

So this week Nate has made a significant advance in what he can do. He has a couple of times this week been able to flip from his front to his back. The first time he flipped Sherri thought it was an accident, but now that he has done it a couple times we've figured it was no accident. Flipping over is one of those early skills that babies learn. Some figure out out very early others it takes time. Next skill for Nate is probably being able to roll back over to his stomach. We have seen him try and roll from back to front, but this is a skill that he has not mastered yet.

Nate still has quite a few of these milestones to crash through over the next couple of months. Besides rolling over back to front, there is sitting up and crawling. We know that before too long we'll have a mobile child. Of course, we think Nate wants to skip right to walking. One of his favorite things is to have you hold him up while he puts weight on his legs. He is quite some time from being able to stand on his own, but he certainly is determined.

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