Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Celebration of Life

We've been gone the last few days. We made a trip with Nate to see family and celebrate the life of his great-grandmother. Unfortunately she passed away recently, but not without living a very full and rewarding life. Nate won't remember Mimi, but Mimi did get to meet Nate a couple times. Nate certainly brought lots of smiles even though she wasn't feeling her best.

Nate was really rather easy to travel with. The drive was a little over six hours each way and except for breaks when he was hungry he mostly sat quietly chewing on something or slept in his car seat. Him sleeping so much in the car during the day meant that he didn't sleep as well the first night. Combined with being in a different bed in a different place meant less sleep for everyone.

One thing we discovered while we were away was Nate is getting really close to cutting his first tooth. He has been drooling heavily for weeks, but we can finally feel the tooth beneath his gum. Nate has been a little fussy of late, but we can imagine that it could certainly be worse. Besides lots of drooling, Nate is also trying to chew on everything. He is getting very good at grabbing things and first things he does once grabbing something is try and put it in his mouth. As we go through teething I'll talk more about experiences and what seems to help and what doesn't.


  1. Dan, I've meant to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. What a wonderful journal to look back on. Plus - while I 'm not a big baby fan - I am interested in YOUR BABY. I'm loving keeping up with him.

    I was glad to hear he's a good traveler (he pretty much has to be, doesn't he?). We loved seeing you even on such a sad occasion. Perhaps we can see you again over the holidays since we will be in Austin for part of them.

  2. Jan,

    Thanks. I've enjoyed writing and I look forward to being able to look back as things do seem to fly by and I'm sure all of a sudden he'll be grown up. I'm sure we (and Nate) would enjoy seeing you again when you are in Austin.