Friday, November 27, 2009

Nate's First Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Nate's first Thanksgiving. For Nate there wasn't much different from any other day except more people around the house. I must say we do have a lot to be thankful for. We've been blessed in many ways including wonderful family and friends and now we've got a happy and healthy little guy as part of our family.

Nate didn't make it to Thanksgiving dinner. He was asleep before we had the great spread that Sherri put together. I had way too much to eat and still felt full this morning.

Nate in his Thanksgiving Outfit

Today Sherri and I got out and went to our first movie together since Nate was born. We had grandmother around to watch Nate so we took advantage and went a saw a movie we were both looking forward to seeing. I'm a fan of Michael Lewis's books. I think Moneyball was actually even better than The Blind Side as a book. They are different stories. Moneyball is really about sports (baseball). The Blind Side is really more about the socialogy of society with football as a backdrop. The Blind Slide is really a wonderful story that continues to evolve and should make a better movie. Though there are rumors that Moneyball will be made into a movie as well. The Blind Side (movie) was well done and we certainly enjoyed seeing the story on the big screen.

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