Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sick child isn't much fun

Poor Nate. He seems rather miserable. Just doesn't have the spunk he normally does. Nate came down with his first illness, a cold over the weekend. In many ways we are lucky that it is just a cold. There are certainly worse things running around these days that he could have caught.

On Sunday, Nate was extremely fussy and was starting to see a runny nose. The good thing was he had no fever on Sunday. He was also eating well. Sunday night Nate did not sleep well at all. Reminded me of when we first brought him home, waking every two hours. Mid-day on Monday Nate had a slight fever, so Sherri called the pediatrician. They were able to see them that afternoon. While we didn't think it was serious, we were not sure if it was a cold, the flu, or something else. The pediatrician confirmed a cold. While that doesn't help Nate feel any better, it does mean that in a couple days he should be back to normal. And knowing made us feel better.

So what are we doing to help Nate, saline nasal spray to keep nasal cavity moist (even though he does not like it), baby Tylenol only if fever, having him sleep at small incline (in car seat or pillow under crib mattress to help him drain), plenty of breastmilk, and trying to get him to sleep as much as possible. I'm also going to pick up a humidifier as this will probably not be the only time he has a cold.

I know colds are pretty easy to catch and I still wonder if visiting the pediatrician on Friday and being around a number of sick kids was where Nate picked this up. There are probably plenty of other cold viruses floating around our house and with Nate putting his hands in his mouth a lot lately I can see where it would be really easy to pick up a cold.

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  1. Poor Nate! Another thing that works well, especially right before you put him down for the night, is Vick's Babyrub. Tell him Jordyn says hello. Great blog by the way!