Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anniversary with Nate

So today is Sherri and my 3rd wedding anniversary. We've had three good years. This year will be different with Nate. In years past, we've gone out for a nice dinner and enjoyed each others' company.

This year we've got Nate. It seems interesting how priorities change. Our plans will be to go our for a nice quick meal based upon when we get Nate fed. Then the place we have chosen needs to be quick and we can pack up to go quickly if we get some kind of melt-down. Or we may just go for take-out. Finally, this Wednesday Sherri has things she wants to see on TV. Tonight is finale of Top Chef Masters and the premier of the new season of Top Chef Sin City (Las Vegas).

One interesting thing I came across today on mashable. Some of the best sites for parenting videos. The Martha Stewart probably won't appeal to me much, but the bonus site - Sesame Street should be a good one to remember for the near future. I'll admit I was a Sesame Street fan and while things have changed I think it will be good to see Nate raised with Sesame Street as well.

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