Sunday, August 23, 2009

Infant Tears

So yesterday we had one of those sad milestones for an infant. I wasn't nearly fast enough preparing a bottle yesterday as Sherri was away for a while. She did leave plenty of her breastmilk just in case.

Nate was crying and as I was trying to comfort him I noticed tears streaming down his face. We had not seen tears fro him and while they are not something I want to see it does tell us that his tear ducts are working properly and are not blocked.

Infants tear ducts seem to be capable of producing tears in the first month. Typically by 2-3 months infants will see tears. Some infants have blocked tear ducts which may mean no tears for many more months. In almost all cases,i the tear ducts will take care of themselves over time. There are cases in which more drastic measures may be taken to deal with blocked tear ducts, but looks like we are certainly in the clear. Now we just have to deal with the sadness of tears when Nate cries.

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