Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Carriers

One of the gifts that we've used quite a bit so far is a soft front baby carrier. It has had two main uses. First, we like to go take walks and Nate likes to sit in the carrier. He tends to be very calm when we take walks while he is in the carrier. This leads to the second use. I can put him in the carrier around the house and as long as he is not really hungry he likes hanging out next to me and usually remains fairly calm.

So if you have or are expecting a baby I would recommend getting one of these carriers and adjust it to your size. Since my wife and I are different sizes it means I get pretty much all the baby bonding time with the carrier. Now my wife has sling that she wears quite a bit and that works well for her.

The carrier that we have is the Infantino Eurorider. I can't compare, but it looks somewhat similar to the BabyBjorn products. The BabyBjorn seems be a little higher-end model and I really like the concept of the BabyBjorn Air with the hot weather in Austin.

Overall we really like the Infantino Eurorider. We can take reasonably long walks and it is comfortable for me and Nate. They say you can use the carrier until baby weights about 25lbs. We'll see how comfortable the carrier is as Nate gets over 20lbs.

This a picture of Nate and me after our walk yesterday.

So I'll continue doing my babywearing. I see this a big plus for everyone. Nate likes being in the carrier. I get to do some bonding and they say there positive physical development aspects of being in a carrier.

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  1. Those things are a life saver. We went hiking (as much as you can with an infant), and the only reason we were able to was because of the carrier. Plus, it always makes me feel like Vince Vaughn in Old School