Friday, August 28, 2009

Football Season

Football season is here or almost here depending on your view.

Most of the college football teams will start their seasons next weekend.

Sherri has her undergrad degree from the University of Texas and mine is from the University of Oklahoma. I actually have have degrees from both fine institutions. However, one school certainly has my loyalty. Needless to say there is a little rivalry on Saturdays in the fall. So we've got Nate ready for college football this year.

So you can see from the pics Nate will be a little conflicted or confused this fall.
Then besides the American football season getting ready to kick off, football for the rest of the world (soccer) is gearing up, especially in Europe. Some of the leagues are already into their season or start this weekend. The EPL is in their third week and La Liga gets going this weekend. This Saturday there is a huge match between Arsenal and Manchester United. We didn't have a jersey for Nate to show his preference for teams and he probably doesn't even care.
It will be a while, but before too long I look forward to kicking or throwing the ball with Nate in the backyard.

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