Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another reason not to take babies to movies

Babies tend to cry quite often. I certainly don't enjoy hearing the crying and I especially don't enjoy hearing my own son cry. This worry of is there something wrong, is he hurting, etc. goes on in your mind. But I've learned that females tend to have another reflex around crying. Breastfeeding mothers will experience letdown reflex (sometimes called milk ejection reflex) with they hear a baby cry. It seems reasonable that the female body makes milk ready when baby cries, which is most common reason for infants crying.

So my wife went to the movies yesterday. I stayed home and took care of Nate for a couple hours. There were a couple babies at the movie and they were crying. So not only was it a possible interruption to all the rest of the people trying to watch the movie, but the letdown reflex caused a significant buildup of milk in my wife's breasts. This pressure caused her to run home directly after the movie to pump (or feed) to reduce the pressure which was becoming rather painful. So she didn't get to accomplish a couple other errands and the end of movie was not as pleasant due to excess pressure in her breasts.

Not that we were planning on taking Nate to the movies, but I have another reason why babies should not go to the movies.

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