Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nate's Favorite Pacifier

We've got multiple pacifiers sitting around the house. There is one that seems by far to be Nate's favorite. And it is the one we got as a handout from the hospital. I don't want to call it free as I'm sure we paid for it in one way or another. If we would have known this pacifier would be his favorite I would have asked for a handful before we left the hospital so we could have more of these sitting around the house. Note to self - if there is a next time see about grabbing a couple extra. Of course, as we were leaving the hospital we weren't using a pacifier as we were trying to make sure there was no nipple confusion.

Here is Nate with his Soothie®.

Nate with Soothie
We could go buy a couple additional as they are relatively inexpensive pacifiers. The Soothie is only recommended for babies without teeth. So its life is limited. Looks like babies with teeth could make holes or tear apart the relatively soft Soothie®. The Super Soothe® is the tougher material for babies with teeth. Notice they are designed to look like the real thing, which may be why Nate likes it.

For more information on Soothie®, the manufacturers website is

Photo courtesy: Philips Children's Medical Ventures

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