Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Don't Stink

Before Nate came Sherri was all worried about having a diaper genie or similar device to keep the diapers from smelling up the place. I figured how hard is it to take the diapers out everyday? Well someone did give us a Diaper Champ as a gift.

So at least for the next couple months I have figured out that we really don't need our Diaper Champ. While it is pretty cool with the handle to drop the diaper inside. I also like the fact that you can use any bag and not specially designed bags for the product. Below is a picture of the Diaper Champ.

Here is what we are using at the moment for most of the diapers. We are recycling grocery/retail bags. Because the odor is so faint we don't even have to take them out very often. I've heard others describe the smell of breastfed babies as something resembling the smell of buttermilk. My understanding is formula fed babies are a whole different ballgame of smells. We have a week old bag of diapers in our bedroom from when we change Nate at night and we don't even notice it. Below is all we really need for first six months.

So I'm sure we'll be glad we have the diaper champ once he starts eating solid food. But as long as he is a breastfed only baby the diaper champ is overkill. Just another advantage of breastfeeding.

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  1. We used a diaper genie for our first, and I know it's probably just us and our laziness in not checking it every day or so, but it's way easy to get a pile of diapers sitting in there rotting without even realizing it.